Sub-Communities on TikTok that Brands Need to Know About

One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding TikTok (primarily from those who aren’t on the app) is that it consists solely of dancing videos. Those of us who spend time on the app know that that sentiment couldn’t be farther from the truth. TikTok is a platform where many different types of creators and audiences come together, share information and interests, and build communities that may not have had a place on other platforms. 

As an agency we are always looking for ways to better inform our client community and staying up to date with TikTok is one of the ways we do that. Many of our clients are looking for ways to better connect with the demographic on TikTok and the best way to do that is to learn about the vast and unique sub-communities on the app. 

Today we’ll take a look at some of the most prevalent sub-communities on TikTok, the awesome content creators who are building these communities, and how to tap these creators for authentic partnerships.


One sub-community on TikTok that has seen major growth this year is BookTok, a community of book lovers who have taken up residence on the platform and are sharing their love of literature with the masses. With over 25.6 billion views #BookTok is a thriving community. Within this community you’ll find content related to book recommendations, favorite authors, publishing news, book reviews, and hauls. 

The community has had a major impact on the book industry, from majorly spiking book sales overnight, to selling out books for weeks on end, to influencing Barnes and Noble to erect BookTok tables in the middle of their stores, the power of this unassuming community is undeniable.

Publishers, authors, book stores, and book related brands should be paying close attention to BookTok, building relationships with popular creators in this niche, and looking for creative ways to participate in the community. Check out this video to get an idea of the content being produced within the BookTok community. 


While it’s not a trend or community specific to TikTok, the ASMR community has found another space for itself on the app. ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response, and it’s that calm, almost tingly feeling you get while listening to or watching someone whisper or perform a task. ASMR content has been popularized on YouTube over the years and is known to help with depression, anxiety, insomnia, or simply to relax. 

#ASRM has over 201.5 billion views on TikTok, proving just how popular this type of content is. Within the ASMR community you can find a multitude of content, from cooking videos, to organizing and cleaning, to students flipping through pages on the silent floor of their school libraries. 

The great thing about ASMR content is that it can be adapted to almost any product, industry, or brand. As the number of ASMR creators continues to grow brands should consider building influencer marketing campaigns in this niche. While the content is wildly popular online the community is underrepresented in influencer marketing as a whole. 


The younger generations aren’t afraid to dive into topics that may have once been considered outside of the norm, spirituality and related practices being one of those topics. In the past year alone google searches related to manifestation increased 15,492%, and TikTok specifically became inundated with manifestation or subliminal affirmation videos with #manifestation generating over 10.8 billion views on the app.

Within the spirituality community you can also find content related to astrology, energy healing, crystals, and the occult. One sub-group that has been rapidly gaining popularity is #WitchTok which has generated 20.6 billion views and consists of chanting spells, performing tarot card readings, sharing crystal reviews, and ‘communicating’ with spirits. But this community isn’t all witches. The more mainstream side of this community puts a heavy emphasis on self-actualisation, personal development, wellness, mindfulness, and manifestation. 

Spirituality is becoming more and more mainstream and it’s creators are becoming mega-influencers with millions of followers. The creators who make up this community on TikTok are great brand partners for meditation apps, crystal manufacturers, wellness products and self-help platforms.


Gen Z is known for being a generation dedicated to enacting environmental change in the world, and the growing sustainability community on TikTok is creating educational content to help drive this. From thrifting and secondhand content, to sharing sustainable and eco-friendly brands, to holding major brands accountable for their unethical practices, there is an array of content being shared within this community.

The sustainability community is vast and consists of many types of creators and content types. #Sustainability (21.7M views), #ecofriendly (2B views), #sustainablefashion (1.4B views), and #thrifting (2.7B views) are some of the most popular hashtags within this community. 

One major part of this sub-community is the secondhand and thrifting community.According to a recent ThredUp report, nearly two in five thrifters say they are replacing fast fashion purchases with secondhand clothing and 45 percent of millennials and Gen Z say they refuse to buy from “non-sustainable” brands and retailers. One of the most well-known creators within this group is @vintagestockreserve, check out their account to see what this community is all about.

Sustainability content is on the rise, and creators in this community are picky about the brand partners they choose. They are hungry to work with brands that align with their values, bring positive content to their audience, and add to the betterment of the world. 

Personal Finance

We recently talked about how the finance category is embracing influencer marketing and specifically the shift that is happening toward online learning of personal finance topics. A large part of this conversation is happening on TikTok.

This community shares information about investing, saving, budgeting, and even cryptocurrency. #MoneyTok has generated 9.2 billion views and #PersonalFinance has generated 4.8 billion views. 

@humphreyyang is one of the most popular fin-influencers on TikTok with over 2.3 million followers, and over 36.2 million likes. His content tackles complex topics like book value, credit cards, mortgages, taxes and managing money. 

As the finance community on the platform continues to grow, so will the desire for education on the topic. This is the time for fintech brands to jump in and build relationships with the amazing finance talent.

Work with creators in a sub-community on TikTok

While we’ve only mentioned a few of the thriving TikTok sub-communities, there are many more awesome communities out there waiting to be tapped for influencer marketing. If any of these groups piqued your interest or you’re interested in learning about other communities on the app, reach out to us at We’re always keeping out eyes and ears open for the next awesome group of talent on TikTok.