The 2023 TikTok Playbook



Rising to extreme popularity over the past few years TikTok is without a doubt the place to be as a brand. With staggering user numbers, a young skewing user demographic and the ability to share short-form video content easily, the opportunities for marketing on the platform are exponential. 

With the ability to expand brand awareness and reach new audiences so well we wanted to be a resource to help brands get on TikTok and launch successful campaigns. To do this we have compiled some of the most useful information that we have learned about the platform so far. In this playbook we’re covering all the bases, from the basics of content creation, to some of the most important takeaways and how brands can activate successfully in similar ways. 

Some of the things you’ll find in our 2022 playbook are:

  • A background on the platform 
  • A step-by-step guide to content creation
  • 5 of the most important TikTok takeaways
  • The intersection of the platform and influencer marketing
  • A few of the campaigns we’ve helps our clients launch on TikTok