Massage Envy, a nationwide wellness franchise, partnered with The Social Standard to spread awareness of their new Assisted Stretch service. This service was targeted towards everyday athletes that were looking to improve their physical performance in small ways. As such, they launched the “Train Like A Pro” contest on Instagram with “everyday athletes” that were micro-influencers. This contest challenged each influencer to set a physical goal for themselves over the course of 10 weeks and thy were given 10 sessions with Assisted Stretch to help them achieve their goals. Each influencer documented their progress across social and asked their followers to vote to keep them in the competition. The influencer with the least amount of votes was eliminated each week.

For this activation, The Social Standard was tasked with finding micro influencers who were “everyday athletes” (i.e. runners, bikers, dancers) in very specific cities around the country. Since this was a new offering, it was only available at select locations. The Social Standard used their internal influencer discovery tool to help find this niche audience in a matter of days. We then worked with each micro influencer to ensure their content was in line with the brand’s guidelines and ensured proper usage rights for Massage Envy to leverage the content on their microsite, social & digital sites.