HootSuite Tests LinkedIn Influencer Campaign

Here are the results...


Here are the results…

Brands are getting smart with LinkedIn influencers and B2B Influencers for that matter. We are starting to see several brands test the waters – Zendesk, Adobe, and Zapier, to name a few. The recent Hootsuite campaign caught my eye though, and so did the results. (Shout out to The Social Standard on those Zendesk & Adobe campaigns!).

Hootsuite ran a LinkedIn influencer campaign last month. Their target was clearly social media managers/teams. They teamed up with ~8 LinkedIn influencers to share what their recent study found – that SMMs loved their jobs, they just needed more support & better pay.

Why was this important?

If you are in the circles of SMMs on LinkedIn, you see the content talking about how they don’t get much respect, are asked to perform an inordinate amount of tasks – posting, content creation, strategy, copywriting, etc. – and are underpaid. It would, in fact, lead you to believe that many of them are on the verge of quitting.

But without real numbers to support these claims, they are just feelings. Well, HootSuite’s first-ever Career Report for Social Media Managers surveyed 3800+ social professionals, addressing these feelings head-on.

And more than that, their most popular content leaned into a trend from B2C – “Guy with a Sign.” Something SMMs would recognize instantly.

Well done, HootSuite.

Interested in the numbers?

This was a manual pull – just some LinkedIn searching and public-facing metrics. So, I may have missed a few things, but here is what I found.


Here are my takeaways:

  1. LinkedIn’s long tail is improving. For about 50% of the creators, their engagements doubled over the course of 4 weeks. For confirmation, just look at the time stamps on your homepage feed.
  2. Follower count does not guarantee performance.
  3. The right audience + right content = home run regardless of follower count. Just look at those repost numbers. a true sign of hitting the right audience.


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