Why LinkedIn’s Push To Short-Form Video Matters


I’ve been saying it for a while now, but the proof is finally here. VIDEO is a priority for LinkedIn. Just like every other platform. This week, LinkedIn began Beta testing a new TikTok-like, dedicated feed in app. It’s a similar approach to YouTube incorporating Shorts in-app.

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Let’s dig in on why this is important for you & your business.

Why You Need To Lean Into Video…

  1. LinkedIn is a place for education & learning. And if a picture speaks a thousand words, then video speaks a million.
  2. Build your {personal} brand – it’s tough to build a brand without a face. That’s why you recognize TV anchors but not NYT columnists. Video is your way to associate your face with your brand and others for credibility.
  3. LinkedIn wants to increase its time spent in-app & on content. It’s great for ad revenue. What does that best? Video. So what does that mean? LinkedIn’s algorithm is going to start favoring video content.
  4. Users just want this type of content, plain & simple.

Is This The End Of Text Posts?

Definitely not. That low barrier to entry is what will keep its user growth & content production high. But it’s the video content that will keep LinkedIn relevant and keep it from being just a gateway to YouTube.

Think about it – right now LinkedIn is poised to be a great spot to consume quick bits of content. And a great way to send people to other places (newsletters, websites, YouTube). But the long game for LinkedIn is to be THE destination, not a springboard.

This is their ticket in.

Do I think the current setup with a unique video feed makes sense? Not really. But maybe it’s the smart play for now. Why? Because LinkedIn is testing a ton of things right now (games, video, etc) and we will see what sticks. My guess is that this is a way to allow users to control more of their feed experience. Don’t want video? No problem. Love video? You’ve got a spot for it. And, of course, this is a way to slowly allow LinkedIn to move into long-form content.

The Biggest Question On My Mind?

Will users go to LinkedIn just to watch video content? Time will tell. My guess is that they will consume a specific type of content there – educational & professional. LinkedIn can provide that curated experience. If they can figure it out, they will keep their piece of the B2B social pie away from TikTok and Instagram. And perhaps even be a formidable competitor to YouTube.


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