Influencers + Clubhouse : How Brands Can Dominate Audio

Clubhouse, the invite-only audio-chat social networking app which was launched in April 2020 by Paul Davison and Rohan Sethwith is undoubtedly the place to be. The app which is reportedly valued at $1 billion has gained the admiration of many celebrities, brands, entrepreneurs and influencers who are flocking to have conversations on the platform.

Just last month, Tesla founder Elon Musk and Facebook’s own Mark Zuckerberg made appearances on the app, bringing a lot of attention and eyes to the platform. Seeing big names like this jump on the Clubhouse bandwagon should speak for itself. Because the app is so new, we are learning in real time what marketing opportunities the platform presents, and it’s becoming clear that there are many.

Below we are going to break down the app as it relates to brand involvement and how to make the most of the marketing opportunities through the use of influencers.

Where do Brands Fit?

While Clubhouse was initially a place for business people to congregate, network and discuss different topics, there is definitely room at the table for brands to get involved. The Covid-19 pandemic has limited opportunities for business travel where networking and the chance to build brand awareness usually takes place. Clubhouse is the perfect opportunity to replicate a bit of that in a virtual format. 

The app lends the opportunity for brands to establish themselves as the go-to resource on a subject in addition to promoting products, services or events. Additionally, the opportunities to connect with your audience more deeply through sharing your brand story, founding story, connecting with your consumers, getting product feedback, running focus groups, or having meaningful conversations about your brand are endless.

Clubhouse isn’t limiting when it comes to who or what can be discussed which makes it THE place for brands to start a conversation. A recent Glossy article stated that, “beauty professionals are using the app to discuss nearly every beauty topic imaginable, including (but not limited to) digital marketing, startups, chemistry, sustainability, packaging innovations, product positioning, influencers, and diversity and inclusion.” Beauty brands aren’t the only ones getting in on the action. Last month, Gymshark hosted a room discussing how fitness brands can better support the black community, and Bite Toothpaste hosted a room where the company’s founders shared their story of founding the brand.

At the moment there is no way for marketers to prove out tangible goals on Clubhouse, going in with the idea that you’re going to boost sales or build some large scale brand awareness is not realistic. Instead brands should look at the app as an opportunity to bring value to their customer base, giving them an inside look at your team members and brand on a more intimate scale.

Influencer Marketing on Clubhouse

In order to foster that community feel, marketers should start to think about how they can make their presence on the app valuable to those who are engaging with them. It is important to create content that customers will care about, connect with, and want to participate in. This is where influencers will come into play and make a strong impact.

Due to the nature of Clubhouse, many influencers are already making their presence known on the app. Whether that’s to build their personal brand, network with other creators, or get in on some awesome conversations with brands they love, they’re there and at your fingertips. 

The important thing here is not to over complicate it. There’s no rulebook for influencer collaborations on the platform so do what feels authentic to you and your brand. The reason influencers are going to make the difference here is that they are coming to the table with loyal and engaged followers, people who will drop everything to come and hear what that person has to say. That being said, this is one of the first opportunities that an influencer’s following may have to actually engage in conversation with that influencer, making the connection more human and real.

Not only do influencers have loyal followings but their followers trust them as an information source. Choosing an influencer who is a trusted source of information as it relates to your brand and products means that you are putting your brand name in front of an audience that is already interested in the industry or product focus.

For example, a sustainable clothing brand might bring on Aditi Mayer, a prominent sustainability influencer, to discuss the fashion industry, why sustainability is important in fashion, and how the brand practices sustainability as a whole. Aditi’s followers are already going to be interested in this topic and the conversation may introduce them to your brand as a trusted place to purchase sustainable clothing moving forward. 

These types of influencer partnerships can be replicated across verticals on Clubhouse, it’s just a matter of finding what works for your brand specifically. Below we will detail the steps you can take to jumpstart your Clubhouse presence with influencers:

  1. Pick a content focus: Are you a clean beauty brand wanting to discuss the implications of non clean beauty on the skin? Or are you a hotel chain looking to strike up conversations about one-of-a-kind travel destinations? Whatever it is make sure you pick a content focus that will add value to your customers and keep them coming back for future conversations.
  2. Choose a content cadence: Whether it’s once a day, once a week, or once a month, it is imperative that there is a schedule to your content. You want your customers to know when and where to find you.
  3. Select talent: Decide who the influencers are that you want to join your brand on Clubhouse. This is the tricky part because not all influencers are master public speakers or good with on the fly conversations. You have to ensure that the talent you are putting forward is to the professional standards of the platform.
  4. Do the darn thing: Like we said earlier, there is no rulebook for Clubhouse, at this point testing the waters, seeing what works and what doesn’t, and being bold with your presence is going to be key. 

If you are interested in exploring influencer opportunities on Clubhouse, reach out to us at and let’s strategize together!