A Step-by-Step Guide to Running a B2B Influencer Campaign

STEP 1: Find Your Platform

Your influencers should be where your target audience is. That can be where they spend time professionally or for entertainment. Just keep in mind that whitepapers don’t exactly go over well on TikTok. Here are the top three platforms to consider: LinkedIn, X & YouTube.

STEP 2: Identify The Right Influencers

Good news if your audience is on YouTube or X, you can use discovery tools to aid in your search. If it’s LinkedIn, you’re in for a manual discover process because their API is closed, blocking discovery tools from pulling data & user information. But the most impactful & efficient way is to hang out where you audience is, see who they are following and listening too and build you list that way.

STEP 3: Define Your Goals

Do you want to bring awareness to a new product? A whitepaper? Are you looking to drive registrations to a webinar or conference? Influencers have different skills and abilities and you want to ensure that the ones you work with can hit your goals. Further, Platforms like LinkedIn are great for learning via text and images but TikTok isn’t exactly whitepaper friendly!

STEP 4: Determine your “Why”

Think about building relationships with influencers. Why should these influencers team up with you? Is there something in addition to compensation that you can offer? Can you offer exposure to your audience via webinar, podcast, website, newsletter? Think of how it can be a win-win.


Scale Your Influencer Marketing

The Social Standard is a full-service influencer marketing agency driven by setting the standard for the industry and then reaching even higher. Our team is obsessed with finding the right influencers for our partners. But we are way more than just matchmakers. We are strategists that develop effective campaigns to delight, inspire, entertain and hit business goals. From concept to seamless execution, we work with clients such as Adobe, FiatChrysler, Zendesk, Motorola, and others, positioning them as pioneers in innovative influencer marketing and helping talent thrive in the creator economy. Want to learn more about our agency’s work? Shoot us an email at partner@sostandard.com. We’d love to collaborate!