Advanced Snapchat Influencer Strategies

While Facebook struggles to add new consumers to the platform, Snapchat’s user growth is up. Brands are already aware of the paid media components of the app but rarely consider the following influencer marketing strategies that can be applied using influencers to decrease cost per acquisition and increase ROI.

Snapchat Influencer Strategies

Product Integration

Successful influencer marketing sells a lifestyle (not just products or services), but achieving this takes time, strategic partnerships, and a bit of creativity. Product integration involves brand placement and mentions in a creator story or everyday life and is one of the best ways to direct brand awareness into sales.

For example, the nutritional company Athletic Greens could partner with health/wellness influencers to detail their morning routines, slip in a positive review one day then have a product in the background on a shelf the next. The key is its subtle nature which reaffirms alignment without overt advertising or sponsorship. Studies have shown that it takes around eight touchpoints to take a consumer through the sales funnel. Over time, integrated campaigns work so well because they seem spontaneous, authentic, and reflect a genuine interest in a product or service.  

Snapchat profile pages allow users to subscribe to an influencer’s channels, shop for products, view stories (curated content similar to Instagram highlights), and watch spotlights and posts that live on the profile grid. Subscribers would first see the mention as part of the 24-hour time frame, again in a morning routine story, and once more in the spotlight feature. Once ready to purchase, consumers could click on an external link to learn more or purchase directly from the shop button. 

Snap Series

Snapchat is an ideal medium to develop long-term partnerships with popular influencers because creators can have multiple series and channels. 

Ross Smith is a wildly popular Snapchater with several hit shows on the platform. While watching a Snap series that interests you, you will likely see him on another and subscribe to his page. Brands that have relationships with influencers like Ross cast a wide net to maximize their reach. A product or service integrated into one of his shows could potentially expose audiences to another. 

Snap Maps Takeover

Want an innovative strategy to reach mass markets in your location? Pay micro-influencers to flood target hotspots and post stories utilizing geo-locations. In 2021, the Snap Maps feature had 250 million people using its services. Activating micro or nano influencers could help your brand take over a territory in one of the most densely populated areas.

A local takeover could be wildly successful if your target audience aligns with Snapchat key demographics, 55% female and 78% aged 15-35. Last year, Kim Kardashian’s fashion brand Skims could have benefited from this strategy during their pop-up shop at The Grove in Los Angeles. The outdoor mall averages over 50,000 shoppers per day. It is among the most popular places on the Los Angeles Snap Map. According to their website data, 78.37% of visitors are female, 64% aged 18-34. With the sheer volume of content geotagged to this location, brands would require several influencers but benefit from the organic reach in that area.

To further maximize performance, a brand that conducts a Snap Map takeover could reuse the user-generated content for branded paid ads or pitch to press the massive turnout for the event. UGC branded ad campaigns have been incredibly successful for Hinge and outperformed traditional ad campaigns by 2-4x.

Full Sync

A comprehensive Snapchat influencer strategy could utilize all of these features. Keep audiences entertained through long-term product integrations with popular creators with multiple shows or series to improve the odds of gaining awareness and build a favorable reputation with consumers. Activate micro and nano influencers to own the world and send them into action using Snap Maps. Utilize the profile page to pack a powerful punch through multiple in-app touch points.  

Scale Your Influencer Marketing

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