The Social Standard Launches a B2B Influencer Division

A Note From Our CEO:

I am excited to announce the launch of our B2B Influencer division at The Social Standard. It’s something countless partners have asked for over the years, but until recently, the influencer space wasn’t large enough to support it. I’m pleased to say that has changed for a myriad of reasons I will share below. For now, if you are looking for B2B influencers, we are ready to provide the same level of strategic thinking and white glove service we’ve offered our B2C clients for years.

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Always Striving,

Jess Phillips, CEO


The B2B Influencer Market

The B2B Influencer market is growing thanks to changes in the way we consume media, disruptions at Twitter and the rise of LinkedIn. We believe this finally gives rise to the B2B Influencer beyond the busy CEOs & decision makers. We no longer need to partner with them as influencers, but instead partner with the right Influencers to reach THEM.

Key Market Disruptions That Give Rise to this opportunity:

  1. Democratization of media with social media platforms shifting from close friends staying in touch to growth of influencers & algorithm changes. Consumers are now accustomed to getting their news on Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, Meta Platforms, LinkedIn, Podcasts and the like.
  2. The boon of email newsletters. Platforms like Substack & Beehive made news, opinions & thought leadership something attainable to journalists & industry experts at scale producing content and monetizing it.
  3. Twitter’s uncertain future. No explanation needed here.
  4. COVID-19’s impact on how we communicate.
  5. Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn. Yes, it happened in 2012 but there have been big changes made to the platform since and they have capitalized on the above points to ensure they are a big part of the conversation. Thus leading to a new wave of influencers – the “LinkedInfluencer”
  6. AI tools explode. This will inevitably lead to a surge in content which ultimately increases the power of B2B influencers. Trusted sources & great content aggregators will be heavily relied on by business leaders & decisions makers.

We are excited about this opportunity. Please reach out to partner@sostandard.com if you are interested in starting your B2B Influencer marketing journey.