The 6 Most Relevant B2B Platforms in 2023

The Most Relevant B2B Platforms in 2023

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By Jess Phillips, Chief Executive Officer, The Social Standard

B2B Marketing can take many different forms. Curious to know what strategy will work for you? See our tips below.

In 2023, there is no shortage of content and with AI making rapid advancements there won’t be a shortage anytime soon. What does that mean for B2B marketers? Where should they spend their time & money? Steal our strategies and insights from companies like ZenDesk, Adobe, SAP & more.


LinkedIn – This is the workhorse of B2B marketing. At 930M global users (over 200M in the U.S.), it is the undisputed champion of professional networking. What makes LinkedIn so powerful is (1) it’s members 80% are decision makers (2) it’s both a place to create content (articles, newsletters, posts) and drive traffic (to blogs, websites, newsletter, events). If you’re curious about its rise  you can check out our blog post here.

YouTube. YouTube is a great place to (1) partner with experts to showcase your product in review or tutorial style videos and (2) join an expert on their podcast to explore industry relevant topics. Pro tip: have a professional looking podcast setup. You’ll want video podcasts as they create opportunities for more short-form content all parties can use to promote the long-form.

Podcasts. There are 465M listeners worldwide. And the business category is one of the most successful. Have a podcast for your company? Get B2B influencers as guests. No podcast, no worries. Pitch senior leaders or experts from your company to join industry relevant podcasts. Either way – get into the conversation.

Twitter. Current chaos aside, Twitter is an excellent megaphone for your all business content. Leveraging B2B influencers to share out whitepapers, events & more is a great tactic but don’t forget to leverage twitter to share any content from #1-#3 that influencers create.

TikTok, Facebook, Instagram. These platforms we see as leveraging when it makes sense. If there is a niche on these platforms that makes sense for your industry, go for it. Or perhaps there is a clever paid strategy you can leverage with these platforms. But by & large these tend to be B2C focused platforms.

Influencers owned & operated. Newsletters, blogs, websites run by creators are a great place to start a collaboration. Email newsletters have seen tremendous growth in the last few years, 54% of Americans are now subscribed to 4 or more newsletters and many influencers write them weekly.

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