What Brands are Doing to Stand Out on TikTok

TikTok offers an array of opportunities for brands, namely the chance at virality and a boost in reach and engagement, that haven’t been possible on other platforms. With the chance to reach new audiences and demographics brands are testing their TikTok strategies and mastering their approach to the platform. 

Today we are taking a look at how some of our favorite brands are making their presence on TikTok known and flexing their creativity in the meantime.

The Opportunities are Endless

TikTok has given brands the opportunity to market in a new way and reach audiences that may be new to them. For some brands this is a little bit intimidating but others are jumping to take on the challenge. We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again, the trick to mastering TikTok is testing, learning, and adapting your strategy. There’s no rule book on what your content has to look like, and we’re seeing brands start to embody this and get creative with their content. 

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite brands that are making TikTok their own:


The skincare brand launched their TikTok account in June of 2021 but just this week they launched their first ever campaign on the platform. With the goal of bringing science-backed skincare to the social video app, “SkinU” (the name of the campaign) takes an educational, classroom-style approach to skincare health and myths. The campaign will roll out on the brand’s TikTok channel through the rest of the year.

Bringing a fresh perspective to skincare TikTok, “SkinU’s” content will consist of conversations with the brand’s resident scientists and selected users (who submitted applications for consideration). If selected the users will receive a virtual one-on-one lesson with Neutrogena scientists, will share their learnings on TikTok, and have the opportunity to win $5,000. 

Check out Neutrogena’s account here.


The budget airline which launched its TikTok account in August of 2021 has amassed over 1M+ followers in it’s two short months on the platform. How you might be asking? Humor. The brand has leaned into one of TikTok’s filters as the mainstay of its content. The first allows you to superimpose human facial features onto any background or object, in a way personifying the object. In their case they add facial features onto footage or images of their planes.

Ryanair does an amazing job of choosing trending sounds (which in most cases wouldn’t have any relation to air travel) and turning them into comedy skits that play into the brand’s promise of cost effective travel.

Check out Ryanair’s account here.


The German automotive brand understood from the get go that the audience on TikTok was not their typical audience. Opting for a behind-the-scenes approach the brand’s team gives it’s followers a look into how some of their most iconic marketing materials are created.

BMW’s approach to TikTok brings a fresh perspective and speaks to the younger audience that consumes content on the platform. One of the strongest choices that the brand made for the account was including some of the platform’s biggest stars and creators, including Younes Zarou (38M+ followers) and Falco Punch (10.5M+ followers), in their content. Working with established creators allows for cross-pollination of your audiences and adds a familiarity piece to your brand’s content

Check out BMW’s account here.

The Washington Post

Okay we know what you’re thinking, a 143-year-old newspaper is on TikTok? Yes. And they have 1M+ followers. Not only is this groundbreaking for an institution this old and stuck in their ways but it’s also not the first place you would think to market the brand. 

The Washington Post’s approach to TikTok however has definitely earned them their success and following on the platform. Video producer, editor and writer Dave Jorgenson is the brains behind the account’s content and in some strange way makes the news interesting and important to TikTok’s audience. The success of the account has been celebrated by the brand’s leadership leading them to allow for a few new additions to the TikTok team (an associate producer and community editor). 

Check out The Washington Post’s account here.


While the luxury label may not instantly strike you as a fit for TikTok, they have seemingly mastered the platform and adapted their quality over quantity approach seen with their product line. Regularly pulling in millions of views per video the brand uses a combination of color, texture, and sound to bring its collections to life in its content. Each piece of content highlights one to two outfits with camera work that shows off the littlest of details.

Different from other brands on the app, Prada ensures that their approach to filming feels luxurious and on brand. You often see models walking through 3D spaces, shown from different angles, giving the audience a view of the entire piece and its details. Seeing the brand bring the look and feel of their luxury products across in short-form video as seamlessly as they do in their more traditional long-form content is truly special and unique. 

Check our Prada’s account here.

Finding your Unique Brand Strategy

Finding a TikTok content strategy that works for your brand can be daunting. One way to ensure that your content is killer is to work with creators who are experts at the platform. We’re here to help you ideate on your strategy and we have creators eager to help you create content that will make you a TikTok favorite. Shoot us a note at and let’s get to work!