Why You Should Use An Influencer Agency To Find Or Sell Your Dream Home

With the housing market facing pullback and economic uncertainty forecasted for 2023, buyers and sellers are more hesitant than ever to pull the trigger on the home of their dreams. The industry needs a revamped strategy to drive sales – in the form of influencer marketing.

Millennials represent the highest share of any generation of homebuyers at 43 percent, and 86 percent are active on social media, meaning potential customers are only a few clicks away. To promote homeowner-related goods and services, real estate brokerages, listing platforms, and home builders should partner with content creators to reach affluent audiences and start conversations about property opportunities.

The Influencer Advantage

Traditionally, buyers and sellers work with a realty agent in the family or with a friend of a friend, an admirable decision and show of loyalty. However, the opportunities gained by a celebrity partnership have significant financial benefits that could directly impact the speed of sale and offer value.

Influencers specialize in “trendjacking,” a powerful strategy that moves content up the ranks. Though the market may have cooled off due to rising interest rates, the #realestate (18B TikTok views) trend is red hot on social media. Here content creators can play a valuable role in bringing awareness to audience-aligned consumers. Data shows that #MyHome (1.8B TikTok views) attracts 51% of viewers aged 25-34 and features luxury home walkthroughs, innovative design concepts, and exciting upgrades. Here creators can use their skill sets to draw viewers in and direct traffic to find out more.  

Influencers know which sounds to use, the challenges to partake in, and how to reach the masses in ways that drive engagement. Most significantly, creators do this while appealing to audiences with their authentic nature. Shopping for a home may be positioned as searching for a solution or educating viewers about what opportunities exist in the market. In the process, they can reach several like-minded buyers and sellers. 

Documenting The Journey

The perfect influencer/real estate collaboration requires a mix of trends and personal narratives. As a general requirement, you want content at the top of a relevant search result, but the viewer must see posts as authentic and relatable. 

Activating an influencer at the inception of the buyer/seller process gives audiences a dramatic high-stakes chronicle to follow. Each stage of the buyer and seller journey, from pre-sale, to move-in, and post-renovations, provides unique opportunities for strategic partnerships between creators and brands. It allows them a view of lesser-seen processes like meeting contractors, applying for loans, and deciding on must-have criteria. 

Influencer & Realty Matchmaking

Real estate and home decor reflect and represent one’s personality and interests. Momfluencers, lifestyle vloggers, and financially-focused creators have unique wants and needs. Properties in high-ranking school districts are optimal for families, areas rich in culture and shopping match lifestyle influencers, and negotiating the best deal possible links up with fiscally-prudent audiences. Each home has features ideal for each content creator, beautifully lit kitchens, spacious walk-in closets, and features that improve homeowner value. Popular profiles like @ListingsByThePortfolio (492K TikTok) use walkthroughs to show the interior and exterior elements. Brands that partner with influencers for long-term campaigns could see integrated media for months and years.

Buying and selling a home requires careful consideration. We suggest working in tandem with brokers with a pipeline of influencers like Matt Boelk of Sotheby’s International Realty. Real estate marketing campaigns should be tied-in with trends and authentic content to generate new conversations for your listings.  

Scale Your Influencer Marketing

The Social Standard is a full-service influencer marketing agency driven by setting the standard for the industry and then reaching even higher. Our team is obsessed with finding the right influencers for our partners. But we are way more than just matchmakers. We are strategists that develop effective campaigns to delight, inspire, entertain and hit business goals. From concept to seamless execution, we work with clients such as Adobe, FiatChrysler, L’Oreal, Motorola, and others, positioning them as pioneers in innovative influencer marketing and helping talent thrive in the creator economy. Want to learn more about our agency’s work? Shoot us an email at We’d love to collaborate!